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The best platform to read, write and compare genuine reviews about Mumbai-based schools. Classdoor also helps Parents to find the best and suitable Activity Classes for their kids near their vicinity.

The importance of school education in shaping a child’s future cannot be stressed enough. A good school not only strengthens the pupils’ academic capabilities but also nurtures his mind, affording him with the education, qualities, skills and confidence required to go on and achieve his dreams and ambitions.

This significant nature of school education has led to the onus being placed on parents to enroll their offspring in the ideal school for him/her. But for parents living in the maximum city, zeroing in on a school for their young one is quite a tough and complicated task due to the plethora of options available for selection.

This is where Classdoor steps in and helps & guides parents in selecting the best possible school for their little angel.

Classdoor is Mumbai’s Only School & Institute Search Platform that allows individuals to read, rate, compare and review the schools and institutes located in the Mumbai region.

To put it in a nutshell,

Classdoor benefits parents by providing them with all the necessary info regarding their nearby located educational institutes to make aninformed choice.

It provides a platform to parents, existing as well as ex-students to pass on their grievances regarding the concerned educational institutes, which in turn helps the educational institutes to improve themselves by acting on those grievances.

Thus, Classdoor is essentially an attempt to bring transparency and bridge the existing information gap between parents, students and educational institutes by providing them with an accessible platform that aids them in different ways, and which is sure to lead to the enhancement of the educational sector of Mumbai.

Activity Classes

From August 2018, Classdoor have started with a series of Activity classes. These classes consist drawing, singing, dancing and several others. If you have enquiries you can write us on info@classdoor.org
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