The Importance Of Cleanliness And Hygiene In Schools.





The success of a school is determined by a wide range of factors ranging from the quality of teaching, the punctuality and attendance rate, even the cleanliness and hygiene maintained by the school classrooms and equipment. If one or more of these factors fall below satisfactory standards at any time – not just during an Ofsted inspection – this could be detrimental to the reputation and operation of the school.

We may not be able to help you with every important factor that plays its part in the day-to-day running of a school; however we can ease the pressure on school hygiene, and help you to meet the required Sanitation and Hygiene Standards with our contracted cleaning services.

Inappropriate hygiene in schools can be harmful to the school’s reputation, as well as its students and teacher’s health and well-being. It is important to have a regular school cleaning and waste management to prevent harmful micro-organisms from spreading around the building and onto furniture and equipment where it can be easily transmitted.

As students and teachers spend most of their time in an enclosed classroom space, it’s more likely for airborne germs to spread, making you more prone to sickness. Sickness leads to absenteeism.

We pride ourselves on thorough, reliable cleaning service which include carrying out tasks such as vacuum, sterilizing surfaces and equipment, window cleaning, polishing, washing hard floors etc.

We can ease the pressure of having an immaculately clean school – inside and out – with a simple scheduled cleaning contract.

An environment that has litter everywhere does not set a positive first impression to parents and visitors. Litter and food that is left on the floor encourages pests and vermin into the school grounds, increasing the risk of a pest infestation and disease.

This is clearly not good for a school’s reputation, and would also bring much concern to anyone attending the school. We offer a waste management service for commercial and government buildings. You can rely on our team of cleaners to attend the premises on a scheduled basis to collect the rubbish and dispose of it safely at a time suited to you.

School Cafeterias and kitchens should be deep cleaned on a regular basis to prevent carbon and grease build up on appliances and surfaces. This is of major importance as food is prepared in this environment and can carry a high risk of fire and illness to teachers and students.

Our Kitchen Deep Cleaning service includes structural cleaning, extraction cleaning, canopy and filter cleaning, ductwork cleaning, and general cleaning and sanitation of kitchen appliances and equipment. Make sure that you don’t overlook important matters such as cleanliness and hygiene in schools.

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