How Does A Lesson Plan Model Affect Education?





Lesson Plan Model plays an important role in a student’s education. The model doesn’t just benefit the student but the teachers as well. We’ll see a few reasons why these lesson plans are so important and how they affect a student’s education.

  • Lesson plan comfortably aligns classroom instruction with curriculum goals and objectives.
  • Lesson plan shapes how and what students. This helps influence positive attitudes of students towards learning. Learning does not create cumbersome and clumsy atmosphere.
  • Lesson plans serves as a checklist that guides teachers to be systematic in the delivery of their lessons. Teachers know what to do next at every point of delivery. Lessons are orderly presented.
  • Lessons plan serves as a historical document of what the teacher did in class. The teacher is able to look back, reorganize and update his lesson future usage. The teacher is able to arrest challenges during the lesson and interventions that are applied are well noted. This becomes a guide to the teacher and others who find themselves in like situations.
  • Lesson plan prevents the over-reliance on next books as a direct material for teaching some books are written in such a way that they serve as a guide to teachers. These books are written using the syllabus as guide. Teachers are tempted to ignore initiating their own lesson plan. These teachers become limited since no textbook provides solution to all the specific needs in a lesson for the teacher and students. This shows even in the availability of good course material, the teacher still needs a lesson plan.
  • Lesson plan is good for the experienced teacher even though he has excellent, fluent set of classroom management skills and activity routines. With all this a minimum and 90% classroom management. Every good lesson needs a plan.
  • Lesson plan gives the auxiliary teacher a detail of what he needs in a lesson. He is able to comfortably stand in for the class teacher. A good lesson plan minimizes the negative effect of learning on the children when there is swapping of teachers.


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