• Gautam Jain

  • Co-founder, CEO ( Chief Executive Officer)

Gautam Jain

Co-founder, CEO ( Chief Executive Officer)

With over 14 years of corporate experience under his belt, Gautam is a visionary with an eye on the future. During his journey he has honed his skills in managing investor relations, handling corporate communication and planning strategies. To be a good strategist a person has to know all the ins and outs of a place. Chess and strategists have a longstanding relationship, so, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Gautam enjoys spending his free time playing a game of Chess. He has an appreciation for biographies and books on mythology. Mythological books have a history of wars, and with war comes strategy. He has devoted a couple of years on Classdoor research. During those years he discovered all the issues that parents face while finding a reputable and suitable institute for their children. Their issues drove him to come up with a solution. Gautam at his core is a simple person who relishes playing the flute when he is not planning, reading biographies or books centered around mythology.
  • Shubhra Jain

  • Operation Manager

Shubhra Jain

Operation Manager

A child’s first teacher is its mother. Shubhra Jain is a mother of two kids and has had personal experience in finding the right school for them. It was one of the driving factors that led to the birth of Classdoor.

Shubhra’s passion for education has led her to build a Facebook community encompassing 1.7k parents and educators for a goal similar to that of Classdoor’s.

So Gautam strategizes, and Shubra builds. Their complementary skills have worked in favor of parents all over Mumbai.

You'll find Shubhra’s fingers stained with paint at odd times. And you can always count on her to revive you with a sweet melody.
  • Alpana Shah

  • Relationship Manager

Alpana Shah

Relationship Manager

Alpana has a vast marketing experience. As the Marketing Head of Creative Minds, she had the opportunity to utilize her skills to their full potential and that has helped her sharpen those skills. Her knowledge about marketing strategies has helped her built brand identities for emerging companies.

Alpana along with her marketing team has been instrumental in creating an online presence for Creative Minds and expanding it for a wider audience.

Furthermore, her experience with Koala Hug as the Centre head has made her aware of workings of schools and institution. She realized that she could help them expand over a period of time.

Establishing a company’s presence and creating multiple marketing avenue are her strengths. Coming up with radical strategies to accomplish these tasks is her fortey.

With her guidance you can find an appropriate school or institute for your children.
  • Arvind Das

  • Product Manager, Operations Head.

Arvind Das

Product Manager, Operations Head.

He started his career as an IT Software Engineer. He has filled that role at various companies. He had exposure to various technologies which has helped him gain expertise over them.

His success is hard earned and a result of his creative mind. He has always wanted to achieve something big and different. Working at Classdoor as “Product Manager” and the “Operations Head” has helped him achieve that goal. He is a giver by nature and has implemented his knowledge and skills in the making Classdoor a success story.

The switch to “Product Manager” or the “Operations Head” was a challenge that he was only too eager to take on. He feels honored to be given this opportunity to make a difference. He isn’t just interested in his professional growth, but he also wants to take classdoor to new heights.

Personally, he shows all the signs of a person who has been bitten by the travel bug. His travel plans usually include him and his camera.
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